As passionately condemned as it is enthusiastically defended, Street photography has progressed from modest beginnings into a culturally enlightening vehicle. It’s a genre in its own. Street photography is as much of an art form as it is a tool to preserve the documentary heritage of the world we live in. It is easy to practice, yet so difficult to master. It has history, diversity, and magnetism. It records life. It presents the extraordinary in the mundane. It is a gift to future generations. It captures the essence of humankind in all it has to offer.

Street photography has broadened my desire to contribute to the dialogue and, by doing so, relate to my fellow human beings. It’s a way, for me to demonstrate the role and importance that you have in society. I love the street because that is where I see you. You are wandering around in Quebec City. You’re lost in your thoughts in Bangkok. You bike to work in Stockholm. There’s nothing special in the moment and that’s probably why it speaks so much to me. Because you’re not acting, I see you just being you. You’re not even aware that I’m there and if you are, I’m probably nothing more than a silhouette passing through your life. You have your story, I have mine; everyone does, but we’re all connected.

Images are piling up; each representing a fraction of a second where your life intertwined with mine. Don’t be surprised if these memories are blurry, my lens is homemade and imperfect, but also unique; just like you. I’m not pursuing perfection; perfection is a myth. I just want this fixed instant to reveal something genuine about your existence.



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